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Master the Art of Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi – Your Ultimate Guide

India’s sweet creations are famed for their extravagance and lip-smacking flavors, with Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi as an especially cherished indulgence. By another name, Kaju Barfi, this delightful dessert is meticulously prepared using cashews and receives widespread acclaim during seasonal festivities and memorable events. In this article, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to make the delectable Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi Kaju Katli in Hindi, adding a touch of tradition to this sweet treat.

Ingredients You’ll Need for Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi

Before we dive into the cooking process, gather the following ingredients:

Cashew nuts in one cup quantity (kaju)

● ½ cup sugar

● ¼ cup water

• One teaspoon of clarified butter, please.

Saffron threads (kesar), as needed.

Silver leaf is optional for garnish.

Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi

Step-by-Step Recipe

 Preparing the Cashews

Start by giving the cashews a thorough water rinse. Following soaking them in water for 3 to 4 hours is recommended. This action helps effulgent the cashews, making them less complicated to incorporate into a uniform paste later.

Making the Cashew Paste

In the aftermath of soaking and mashing, shift the cashews to a blending tool. Mix them thoroughly until a watery-free blend ensues. The desired consistency for the cashew paste should be smooth and unblemished.

Preparing the Sugar Syrup

To the pan’s non-stick interior, add the sugar and water. Merge the elements and let them simmer on medium heat until boiling point. Let the sugar dissolve completely. Incorporating saffron into the syrup yields an alluring aroma and a faint yellowish tint.

Checking Sugar Syrup Consistency

A uniform syrup texture is necessary to create a flawless Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi. To evaluate the cohesiveness of a liquid, fill a modest container with a bit of it and stir in a trace of syrup. Once the syrup reaches a moldable state, it is done. Boil until the desired consistency is reached or until further notice.

 The union of Cashew Paste and Sugar Syrup produces a sublime taste experience.

Upon achieving the desired consistency, reduce heat to low and integrate the cashew mixture into the pan. Integrate the cashew mixture into the sugar syrup, ensuring thorough mixing. Stir non-stop to avoid any unevenness and achieve a perfectly mixed consistency.

Adding Ghee

Blend in the ghee along with the cashews and sugar. We are incorporating ghee, a principal, and satisfying Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi. Proceed to agitate until the composition becomes thicker and commences to release from the container’s edges.

Rolling the Kaju Katli

Shift the thickened blend to a properly oiled dish or flat area. Allow it to cool slightly. After blending the ingredients, flatten them into a thin, flat sheet by rolling with a pin. Regulate the thickness so it is uniform everywhere.

Garnishing and Cutting

Following the Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi, complete cooling and add a decorative touch with silver leaf (optional). After honing the knife, cut into sparkling gem-like bits.

Serving and Storing

Your mouth-watering Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi is prepared to be offered! Preserve the remaining parts in an impermeable container to maintain their freshness for longer.


The traditional Indian dessert, Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi, continues to delight crowds at any festivity or social occasion. From young to old, everyone cherishes the velvety texture and exquisite taste of this offering. This recipe in Hindi is straightforward and convenient to prepare, enabling you to replicate this delectable dish at home easily. So, next time you crave something sweet, whip up a batch of homemade Kaju Katli Recipe and relish the flavors of tradition and love.

Can I employ pre-cooked cashews in this particular dish?

Pre-roasted cashews offer flexibility, yet they may impart a mildly altered flavor profile compared to tradition.

How much time can I preserve Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi?

The Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi remains edible for roughly two weeks with proper storage in an airtight package.

Is saffron essential for the recipe or merely optional?

Saffron strands may be omitted, yet they substantially contribute to the sweet’s attractiveness.

Is the Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi gluten-free?

The Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi meets the dietary requirements of those who must avoid gluten.