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Master the Perfect Idli Sambar Recipe in Hindi

This iconic South Indian meal has gained extensive recognition across the nation. Enjoy this Idli Sambar Recipe in Hindi’s subtle, cushioning sensations when served alongside a delightful and delicious lentil-based broth. This South Indian dish offers savory flavors and a nourishing meal option suitable for any time of day.

What is Idli Sambar?

The dish Idli Sambar hails from the Tamil Nadu region and has an intriguing past. It is a combination of two distinct elements – idli and sambar. Idlies are steamed rice dough cakes from fermented rice and urad dal batter. In contrast, sambars are savory and sizzling lentil curries garnished with diverse vegetables and fragrant spices—the integration of these two components results in a sublime union of tastes that indulge the senses.

 Ingredients for Idli Sambar

To prepare a sumptuous plate of Idli Sambar Recipe in Hindi, you will need the following ingredients:
  • For Idli:
    • 1 cup idli rice
    • Black gram, halved and measured at 1/2 cup
    • Water for these two purposes is noted explicitly.
    • 1/2 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
    • Salt to taste
  • For Sambar:
    • The volume of toor dal is roughly equal to 1 cup.
    • Two cups of vegetables (carrots, beans, and potatoes) are essential.
    • A minor onion, minced
    • Two ripe tomatoes, chopped
    • 2-3 green chilies, slit
    • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
    • One tablespoon of sambar powder
    • 1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
    • 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
    • A pinch of asafoetida
    • Few curry leaves
    • Tamarind in a lemon-like consistency, drained of excess liquid

Idli Sambar Recipe in Hindi

Idli Sambar Recipe in Hindi creativity comes to life in the preparation process. Let’s walk through the steps of crafting this delectable dish:

Making Idli

After isolating the rice and lentils, place them in water to soak for approximately 4-5 hours. Gradually add water as needed while blending the rice and lentils. Mix the batter components, sprinkle salt, and let them ferment for at least 8 hours or overnight. Lightly oil the molds before filling them with the batter. Steaming the idlis in the steamer for 10-12 minutes will complete their cooking.

Preparing Sambar

After some time under high heat, the toor dal will soften and transform into a creamy texture. Heat the combined vegetables in a separate pot until they are delicate. Place some oil in a massive pan and cook mustard and cumin seeds over medium heat. Let them splutter. Add the ingredient asafetida, along with curry leaves and finely chopped onions. Cook until the onions are transparent and tender. Proceed by incorporating the diced tomatoes and green peppers. Carry out cooking procedures until tomatoes become entirely mushy. Mix all three elements into a uniform blend. Mix well. Integrate the cooked dal and blanched greens into the pan. Mix everything. Combine tamarind with liquid to obtain the desired thickness. Let the Idli Sambar Recipe in Hindi masterpiece marinate for a brief period.

Idli Sambar Recipe in Hindi artistry involves understanding nuances:

It is achieving the right balance of components results in superbly light and delicate idlis. Fermentation is vital for creating ideal idli batter; keep it at a comfortable temperature for maximum success. Blending various vegetables in Sambar creates a complex and dynamic taste experience. Personalize the sambar powder and tamarind pulp ratio to match your desired flavor profile.

Idli Sambar Recipe in Hindi delights are meant to be shared:

Present the freshly prepared idlis alongside an abundance of piping sambar, rich coconut chutney, and crunchy tomato chutney. The clever pairing of delicate idlis and vibrant Sambar generates a savory repast that will stimulate your appetite.

Idli Sambar Recipe in Hindi Curiosity leads to answers:
Q1: May I employ packaged idli mix for this dish?

A: Time constraints? Make do with a packaged idli mixture instead. Homemade batter yields better results than anything else available.

Q2: Is Sambar spicy?

A: You can adjust the spicy quotient of Sambar to cater to your taste sensitivity.

Q3: Is freezing an option for idli sambar that has been left over?

A: Luckily, Sambar can be safely stored in the fridge for a day or frozen for a more extended period.

Q4: Can you allow me to augment the vegetable component of the sambar?

A: Absolutely! It would be best to incorporate your preferred leafy greens to elevate flavor and nutritional worth.

Q5: Can I make smaller idlis than usual?

A: Absolutely; these tiny idli molds allow you to craft charming mini idlis instead.:


In conclusion, Idli Sambar encapsulates the zesty spirit of South Indian cooking, delivering an exquisite dining experience. The mellow idlis reconcile beautifully with the spicy sambar, constructing a nourishing and enjoyable repast. Delight in this heritage dish with your kin and acquaint yourself with the diverse culinary offerings of India.