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Authentic chicken rara recipe – Restaurant Style Chicken Recipe

Are you enthusiastic about the diverse culinary traditions of India? Those who answer positively will find themselves savoring every bite of this heavenly Chicken Rara Recipe meal. Combining tender pieces of chicken with an appetizing and aromatic glaze, chicken rara origin is a dish that promises to excite your palate and leave you hungry for more. Following this article, you will learn how to prepare an exquisite dish that seamlessly blends age-old Indian seasonings with contemporary culinary methods.

Chicken Rara, a culinary creation from Northern India and specifically Punjab, has its roots in this region. The juxtaposition of tender chicken pieces and finely diced meat gradually stewed in a velvety gravy. The rich, complex flavors of this dish combine to form an exceptionally satisfying culinary experience.

Ingredients You’ll Need Chicken Rara Recipe

To create the perfect Chicken Rara, you’ll need the following ingredients:
Chicken bits (including bone) – 500 grams
● Minced chicken – 200 grams
Two large onions (chopped finely) are listed.
● Tomatoes – 2 medium (pureed)
One tablespoon of ginger-garlic mix
● Green chilies – 2 (slit)
● Cashew paste – 2 tablespoons
A teaspoon of dried Kasuri Methi (fenugreek leaves).
Fresh coriander leaves – garnishing purposes
● Garam masala – 1 teaspoon
● Oil – 3 tablespoons
One tablespoon of ghee.
● Salt – to taste

Chicken Rara Recipe

Preparation of Ingredients

Marinating and Prepping the Chicken 

Start by tidying up and flavoring the chicken slices. Wash the vegetables, and afterward, immerse them in a blend of yogurt, ginger-garlic paste, a tiny bit of salt, and a teaspoon of oil for flavor and tenderizing purposes. Give the concoction enough time to mature, around 30 minutes.

Chopping Onions, Tomatoes, and Ginger-Garlic

Mincing the onions, blending the tomatoes, and creating a fresh ginger-garlic mixture. Having everything needed for cooking readily available expedites the preparation process.

Cooking Process

4. Start by melting these ingredients together over low heat.
Warm up a pan by adding oil, then add finely minced onions. Cook until they develop a deep golden hue. Incorporate the ground ginger and garlic mixture along with the green chilies. Once the raw smell subsides, remove it from the heat.

 Adding Tomatoes and Spices

Add the tomato puree and allow it to integrate with the rest of the ingredients before cooking until the oil partitions itself. Upon adding the garam masala, permit it to combine with the other ingredients for a minute to further elevate the taste.

Chicken Rara Recipe

 Incorporating Chicken

Mix in the marinated chicken pieces and the chopped chicken. Cook until the chicken transforms visibly on the medium heat setting.

 Cooking on Low Flame

Decrease the flame intensity, then permit the poultry to continue cooking in its moisture. The slow cooker method results in the meat taking on the entirety of the taste.

Blending Flavors

.The Alluring Scent of Garam Masala

Dot the semi-cooked chicken with a scattering of garam masala. The fragrant elements will harmoniously combine with the meal, leaving an unforgettable scent

 Creamy Addition: Cashew Paste

Mix the cashew paste with the chicken until well combined. Adding cashew paste provides a velvety texture to the gravy, harmonizing the seasonings.

Final Touches

Dried Coriander and Fresh Methi

Use your thumbs to bruise the Kasuri methi leaves, and afterward, incorporate them into the chicken. The singular essence of fenugreek leaves gives food a standout taste. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

 Garnishing with Ginger Juliennes

For added zest, Julienne the ginger and scatter it over the Chicken Rara Recipe at the end. A touch of added taste is what it offers.


The richness of Indian seasonings meets the satisfying texture of chicken in this masterful dish, Chicken Rara Recipe. With its carefully crafted flavor profile and alluring gravy, the dish can bring any meal to life.

Q1: Could I still make Chicken Rara Recipe with lean, boneless chicken breast fillets?

A: The Chicken Rara Recipe can be adapted to accommodate boneless chicken if desired; here’s how.

Q2: is chicken rara spicy?

A: Tailoring the quantity of green chilies and red chili powder enables precise control over the spice level.

Q3: May I utilize a substitute for cashew paste?

A: Yes, you can use cream or almond paste as an alternative to achieve a creamy texture.

Q4: Can you approximate the cooking time for the Chicken Rara Recipe?

A: The slower cooking time of around an hour yields juicy, delicious chicken.

Q5: Are there any suggested combinations for Chicken Rara Recipe meals?

A: Chicken Rara Masala Recipe partners harmoniously with naan, roti, or steamed rice for an integral and satiating dining experience.