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Delicious Easy Bread Poha Recipe – Try Now!

Throughout this piece, we shall explore a captivating rendition of a beloved Indian morning meal – “Bread Poha.” Poha, often called flat rice, is a cherished dish in India. However, substituting bread for poha enables us to invent an innovative and delectable interpretation of this dish. This step-by-step guide will walk you through making the Bread Poha Recipe, ensuring it is flavorful, easy to prepare, and a hit with your family and friends.

What is the Bread Poha Recipe?

This updated version of poha fuses the conventional breakfast dish with modern elements. In contrast to the traditional use of flat rice grains in poha, bread poha innovatively replaces these with bread slices, thus generating a captivating culinary meld—a swift and satisfying breakfast option designed for active days when you don’t have much time.


To prepare a delicious Bread Poha Recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

● Fresh bread slices (white or brown)
● Cooking oil
● Mustard seeds
● Cumin seeds
● Curry leaves
● Green chillies
● Onions
● Potatoes
● Peas
● Turmeric powder
● Redchillii powder
● Salt
● Lemon juice
● Fresh coriander leaves

Bread Poha Recipe

Preparation Time

About 15 minutes are needed to make Bread Poha Recipe,  making it an outstanding alternative for a quick and easy breakfast or snack.

Step-by-Step Instructions

 Soaking the Bread Slices

To start, slice bread into small cuboids. Position the bread squares within a dish and add a drizzle of water on top. Offer the bread squares a soft and delicate toss while avoiding excessive moisture.

Preparing the Tempering

Apply heat to the oil in a pan over medium-level heat. Add both seeds to the recipe. Adding curry leaves and green chilies becomes crucial after the crackling starts. The enticing smell of the spices will spread throughout your kitchen, piquing your hunger in advance.

Adding Vegetables and Spices

Combine diced onions, potatoes, and peas in the pan. Blend these ingredients to create a customized flavor, beginning with turmeric and red chili powder and ending with salt. Mix everything, then cook the vegetables until they are tender and savory.

 Adding Bread Slices

Add the soggy bread squares to the pan and softly intermingle them with the vegetables and flavorings. Ensure uniform coverage of the bread pieces with tempering and spices.

Garnishing and Serving

Following the completion of the poha, apply lemon juice and permit it to rest briefly. Add chopped coriander to boost the meal’s zesty scent and taste. Offer the piping-hot and irresistible bread poha accompanied by a chutney or yogurt for a satisfying repast.

Tips for Perfect Bread Poha Recipe

Fresh bread produces better taste outcomes.

Fine-adjust the degree of heat to your liking by tweaking the amounts of green chilies and red chili powder.

● You can add other vegetables like bell peppers or carrots for more variety.
Health Benefits of Bread Poha Recipe
Bread poha offers several health benefits, such as:
● Rich in Carbohydrates: This bread supplies a notable amount of carbs, translating into sustained energy levels.
● Vegetable Nutrition: Including more vegetables in the dish increases its nutritional worth, supplying crucial micronutrients.
● Easy to Digest: As the bread absorbs liquid, it evolves into a mellow and digestible food, ideal for individuals of varied ages.

Bread Poha Recipe

Variations of Bread Poha Recipe

There are many creative ways to modify bread poha to suit your taste:

● Cheese Bread Poha: Top with grated cheese for a luxurious twist on the original recipe.
● Nutty Twist: Mixing in roasted nuts, say almonds or cashews, can infuse a pleasing contrast.
● Spicy Bread Poha: Red chili flakes can give the meal a bold and piquant flavor.

How does bread poha differ from conventional poha?

In contrast to traditional poha, which is built upon a shared essence, bread poha boasts an alternative fundamental component. Compared to the everyday use of flat rice in traditional poha, bread poha replaces it with bread chunks. The selection of parts and cooking techniques imbue each meal with an exclusive taste and consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is bread paha appropriate for children?

Kids tend to appreciate the taste and texture of bread poha. The gentle and delectable bread bites facilitate childlike indulgence.

Is it possible to employ wholemeal bread instead?

Absolutely! Whole-grain bread constitutes a more nutritious choice compared to white bread.

 Can I make bread poha in advance?

While bread poha reaches its optimal flavor upon immediate preparation, you may prepare part of the tempering beforehand and have the soaked bread ready for a speedier cooking experience.

 May I include nuts to provide additional texture?

Introducing these nuts can heighten the flavors within the food.

Is poha naturally free from gluten? (5 times)

Despite being a savory breakfast dish, bread poha, unfortunately, contains wheat bread, which makes it gluten-free.


A novel spin on the conventional breakfast staple, poha bread is sure to impress. Its accessible design and delicious taste make it a sought-after item in your household. Discover the culinary fusion, and elevate your meal through creative topping combinations. Happy cooking!